Tropical Flowers & Foliage

Wholesale Tropical Flowers & Foliage Supplier

Wholesale competitive pricing and quality fresh tropical flowers and foliage are always ensured as you are dealing directly with the grower.

We can organise to have your weekly tropical flowers and foliage delivered for easy collection at your local Flower Market.

Our 100 acre farm (affectionately known as ‘The Valley of the Giants’) is located in the Byron Bay Hinterland and has been established for over 10 years.

Wholesale competitive pricing and a quality fresh tropical flowers and foliage are always ensured as your are dealing directly with the grower.

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We Deliver to Florists on the Gold Coast & Brisbane (Weekly)

– Greenery suppliers & Growers.
– immersed in the business of exotic flowers, foliage and design.
– a wholesale farm of tropical flowers and lush cut foliage and tropical leaves.

We grow Heliconia Crab Claws in pots and have in-ground mature Frangipani’s, and Magnolia trees for sale.

Unfortunately we do not wholesale any of our rare palm leaves as we use them in our Installations

Quality and freshness
directly from the growers.


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If you’d like to find out more about our products and services, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and play a part in bringing your event, wedding, place of business or home to life with the magic of foliage and flowers.


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